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12:00 Saturday Sports Extra Season 4 with Lowetide & Almeida
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12:20 BLISS YOGA SPA's Today In Sports
Bliss Yoga Spa presents a look back at the great and not so great moments in sport that occurred on this day with the "Today in Sports" feature.

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12:23 The ROSTERPOINT NHL Hot Topics
Our producer Freddy Papirnik presents this week's top Rosterpoint "NHL Hot Topics" for Lowetide and Almeida to debate. Let us know your opinion by text or twitter.

Both players and teams can sign up today to create a custom Roster Point profile that will optimize their exposure in the vast hockey community. Teams fill faster with exactly the caliber of players they are looking for while players can promote their skills. Register today!

The Azorcan Sports Tours Trivia will test your knowledge of the Sports World and give you an opportunity to win some great prizes.

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12:41 TBA - Sports Extra
On the 'Sports Extra" we invite a special guest to talk about the top stories in the sports world.

Special Guest: TBA
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1:00 TBA - Soccer Report
The "Soccer Report" invites a guest to discuss top stories in Canadian soccer, the MLS, the Barclay's Premier League, the Champions League and more.

Special Guest: TBA     
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1:20 TBA - Edmonton Extra
The "Edmonton Extra" has producer Freddy Papirnik puts forward a buffet of Edmonton sports topics. Questions will surely include the major topics surrounding the Eskimos or Oilers, but no local pro or amateur sport is off limits.

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1:40  Who Gave A Damn? by 100MENYEG
In this feature Almeida and Lowetide each select this week's athlete in the world of sport who most exhibited that he "Gave A Damn" this week.

Four times a year 100MenYEG brings together over 100 community minded men in Edmonton "who give a damn" to support causes in our community by combining the power of $ 100 donations. Join the group at our next meeting and say hello to Paul Almeida.

1:43 The CALFOREX Exchange
In the popular Calforex Exchange, co-hosts Lowetide and Almeida take turns putting eachother on the spot with intriguing rapid fire questions.

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